What is Fall Blau?

Fall Blau is a next-gen First Person Shooter (FPS) set during the final months of Case Blue and during the battle of Stalingrad. You play Ernst Neumann, a soldier of the German 6th Army advancing on Stalingrad, fighting to keep his family safe. Throughout his journey, Ernst must face his fears and question his motivations in this gripping tale of a man led astray by propaganda and fear, forced to fight through Hell on earth for a chance at redemption. However, a deep commitment to realism is always maintained, and we do not shy away from the atrocities committed in this time period.

Our Goals


We strive to keep Fall Blau as authentic as possible, from locations to weapons, uniforms and equipment.

Historical Locations

Every location is hand-picked based on historical significance and plot relevance, and recreated based on maps and photographs.


All equipment in Fall Blau is authentic, from the uniforms to the vehicles and weapons used. Their animations, firing systems, and real world use cases are recreated as accurately as possible while maintaining an enjoyable gameplay experience.

About Us

Summit Interactive is a small indie studio currently based in Geneva, Switzerland.

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