Let’s Talk

Hi there!

I believe I owe you an apology for not posting a devlog at the beginning of this month, and I’d like to ‘justify’ that in a sense with this post. I know few people if anyone will ever read this, but regardless, these posts are as much for my peace of mind, relief and progress check as they are for promoting the game and informing you about it’s development. With that said, let me explain why there wasn’t a dev log for Fall Blau for March, why there won’t be one for April and possibly even June.

In the wonderful world of game development, there are typically 3 stages to building a game:

  1. Groundwork and early prototypes
  2. Mid development – level blockouts, polishing and bug fixing
  3. Final polish layer, final content and final asset pass

With 0.3 having shipped, Fall Blau is now in the second stage, mid development. Any game developer who’s gotten to this point already knows what’s coming. The best illustration of this is the nickname given to this point in gamedev: ‘mid development hell

This is the point in a project where nothing really seems to change, but fundamentally the project gets so, so much better through this period. You’ll stumble across all sorts of bugs here, rewrite half your game’s code and re-do a large amount of your content. This is exactly where Fall Blau is right now. It’s an intensely frustrating time full of random bugs, miscellaneous issues and my personal dissatisfaction with Fall Blau’s gameplay.

This leads to the reason that I haven’t posted dev logs recently – there’s nothing to post.


I’m rewriting AI for the third time (third time’s the charm!), producing all of Fall Blau’s levels, and working on creating a new rig for the hands, and then animating new FPS animations. But you can’t see any of this, it’s all invisible to someone who’s not intimately familiar with the game and it’s source code. For that reason, I won’t be posting anything about the project until I leave this frustrating point in the development cycle. You’re free to join the discord, where I share more information and offer participation in closed testing if you want to know more 🙂

Thanks so much for the support and for making it this far,

I’ll see you outside of mid-development hell,


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