Mid-Development Hell

So we’re back. At long last, 0.6 is now out, and development has started on 0.7. It’s been a hell of a journey, let me tell you that much. 0.6 started out as just a patch to add Fall Blau’s 3rd level, ‘Highway to Hell’ to the game, and then move on to other updates (0.7, 0.8, 0.9) finish all the levels by the end of the school year. This then was pushed to finishing them all by the end of summer, and finally just finish it when I finish it.

It started with a simple AI rework, which lead to a bug which took a month and a half to solve, which ended with me re-writing the game from scratch. Not fun, but necessary, I’d argue. I think the game is better off because of it.

After that, it was a matter of re-building the first 3 levels from the game. While not fun, it helped make them a lot more fun and engaging, while integrating nicely with the new spawning and AI systems at play. The design of those first 3 levels is at this point basically final. If you’d like to play them, don’t hesitate to drop me a message on the discord server (you can find it on this website’s about page, fallblau.com/about), it’d mean a lot!

You can read the full changelog on itch.io. I’ll likely post it in the coming days.

It’s been a tough 5 months getting this update out of the door. It’s been an emotional journey for me. In the span of those 5 months I’ve grown a lot as a person, had family pass away, and new family be born. My opinions and perspectives on things changed, and I’m now facing the giant that is university, a choice that’s incredibly difficult, and a process that’s incredibly time consuming. Thanks to Fall Blau, I know what I want to study.

When I first started this hobby 3 years ago, I really didn’t know what to expect. It’s a pretty niche thing, and for good reason. It’s bloody difficult xD. When I last hit a roadblock like this with AI, I ended up dropping gamedev for 6 months while I learned how to be a better programmer thanks to Tom Looman (who, incidentally, now works at my dream university). 0.6 was the final update All Out got. I wasn’t able to go through mid-development hell then. I wasn’t good enough. I failed. This time, I’ve proven to myself that through hell or high water, I’m able to grit my teeth and make the game I want to make. I’ve proven to myself that this is something I’m good at and something that I like to do.

Onwards to 0.7 friends.

Thanks for sticking with me thus far,


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