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Russian Steppe

The vast Russian Steppe serves as the backdrop for the opening of Fall Blau. The initial offensive from the German side was overwhelmingly successful, with them reaching the Don River by the 26th of July. Blitzkrieg tactics enabled a swift victory.

Don River

After smashing through Russian defenses in the steppe, German forces reached the Don river. Crossing it was the final obstacle between Army Group B and Stalingrad. A famously bloody battle followed, but the Germans eventually prevailed, crossing the Don River and reaching the outskirts of Stalingrad on the 23rd of August.


The world-famous Battle of Stalingrad is the closing act for Fall Blau. From the initial battles on the outskirts to the intense house-to-house fighting that characterized the battle, Fall Blau takes you on an unforgettable journey through Hell on earth, a setting never before realized with this much fidelity.

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